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Snow Removal

How To Troubleshoot A Clogged Snowblower

Is your snowblower refusing to throw snow? Single stage snowblowers are particularly prone to clogging when snow gets packed in the housing. As the auger spins, a layer of snow may be slipping between the paddles and the housing and building up. There are a few measures you can take to prevent this buildup from clogging your snowblowers chute.

2015 Toro Snow Blower Lineup

  2015 Toro Snow Blowers at Mutton Power Equipment Whether you like it or not, it’s almost that time of year again.  Snow blower season is almost upon us!  If you found yourself unprepared for the snow last winter, don’t let it happen again this year!  With a little planning …

How to Choose the Right Snowblower

Finding the perfect Snow Blower for You With the winter weather upon us, you might have already been faced with the daunting task of shoveling snow. Shoveling snow is a time consuming, back-breaking task that nobody wants to deal with. On the other hand, snowblowers are an amazing alternative to …

New Toro Snowblowers for 2014

With the 2014 / 2015 Winter season right around the corner, it’s never too soon to start thinking about snowblowers. New for 2014, Toro has revamped it’s entire lineup of Single Stage Snowblowers and Two Stage Snowblowers to include all new models of Snow Blowers and Snow Throwers. We are …