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2016 Exmark Model Numbers

Use this helpful guide from Mutton Power Equipment to break down your Exmark model number. See the exact specifications of your Exmark, complete with code references here.

Why Invest in EFI Engines

Taking a Look at Electronic Fuel Injected Engines Around thirty years ago, the automobile industry experienced a nationwide transformation.  Rising gas prices and pressure to become more environmentally conscious led automobile manufacturers to make the switch from carbureted engines to Electronic Fuel Injected engines.  After the success of EFI Engines …

New 2015 Exmark Products and Features

New Additions to the Exmark Lineup It’s a new year – and along with a new year comes some great new additions to the Exmark Lineup.  In this article, we’ll highlight some new products and features that are new to the Exmark line. The New 2015 Exmark Spreader-Sprayer New to 2015, …