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Fall Clean-Up

Mulching VS Bagging Leaves

It’s great to have big shade trees in your yard. But, come fall, you can start to resent them. Those big trees drop leaves, and that means extra work, hassle, and lost time. However, there’s good news. A recent study done at Michigan State University shows that you can forget about raking, blowing, and bagging leaves. Instead, just mulch them with your lawn mower and feed your lawn with a nitrogen rich lawn fertilizer. It’ll save you work, improve your soil, and add nutrients. Here’s how you do it.

Introducing Wallenstein Wood Chippers

 Wallenstein Wood Chippers at Mutton Power Equipment  Mutton Power Equipment in Fort Wayne is excited to announce that we now carry Wallenstein Wood Chippers!  That’s right – Wallenstein’s high quality, heavy duty wood chippers are now available in Northeast Indiana.  Wallenstein utilizes a quality manufacturing process to ensure the highest …

Introducing Wallenstein Forestry Equipment at Mutton Power Equipment

Wallenstein Tractor Attachments now Available in Fort Wayne, Indiana Based in St. Clements, Ontario, EMB MFG has been building log splitters for over 25 years.  Over the years, Wallenstein products have made their way through Canada and into the United States.  Incredible durability and quality make Wallenstein one of the best power …