New Exmark Vantage Line-Up for 2013

Exmark Vantage X-Series Stand-On Zero Turn Mowers for sale at Mutton Power Equipment - Fort Wayne, Indiana

Over the past few years, there has been significant growth in the stand-on commercial zero turn mower market due to their versatility on all mowing terrains and conditions. Their compact size and  subsequently lighter weight means less stress on the turf during mowing and easier storage and transport from site to site. Exmark has been at the forefront of this growth with their Vantage line of stand-on zero turn mowers and their newest X-Series line is pushing them even further forward.

In 2013, Exmark is introducing the brand new Vantage X-Series of stand-on zero turn mowers to their fleet of incredible mowing machines. Featuring their patented ECS style grips that were previously found on Exmark Turf Tracer mowers, the new Vantage X-Series mowers will add the perfect compliment to the existing Vantage S-Series of stand-on zero turn mowers that feature the traditional zero turn style grips. Along with the ECS grips, the Exmark Vantage S-Series and X-Series feature an enhanced operator platform that includes a self-compensating suspension as well as an upgraded hydro drive that provides smoother operation and consistent control.


Exmark Vantage - ECS Grips


“Enhanced” X-Series

The Vantage X-Series now comes with the patented Enhanced Control System (ECS) for greater operator comfort and productivity




Exmark Vantage - Operator Station


Operator Platform

A rubber platform with self-compensating suspension provides a comfortable ride for any size rider. Patented, integrated thigh pads also pivot away, allowing easy access for maintenance.




Exmark Vantage - Upgraded Hydro Drive


Upgraded Hydro Drive

Smoother operation and consisten control is made possible with our new 12 cc pump and 230 cc wheel motor. This upgrade translates to a maintained ground speed of up to 8 mph.


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