Magnum Spreaders In Stock & Ready for Winter Weather


With the Winter season just around the corner, it’s never too early to make sure you are prepared for the snow and ice when mother nature strikes. For almost all commercial landscape and snow removal companies, having a high quality and working salt spreader is essential for every job which is why we are excited to stock the Magnum Spreaders in a variety of sizes for the 2014-2015 Winter Season.

Built to the high standards of the Meyer company, the Magnum Spreaders are durable and tough enough to withstand any Winter weather that might come. Using high quality steel frames and poly hoppers, the Magnum Spreaders are built to last year after year even under the harshest conditions. With a variety of different hopper capactities ranging from 240 lbs to 750 lbs, there are different Magnum Spreader models to suit every company and individual’s needs. The Magnum Spreaders also feature powerful direct-drive 12-volt motors that can spread and “blast” salt and sand up to 40 feet wide paths to make laying down salt and sand a quick and easy task.

Learn more about the 3 models of Magnum Spreaders in-stock at Mutton Power Equipment online and at both Fort Wayne, Indiana locations.



MAGNUM-S300P-SPREADERMagnum S300P Spreader
240 lb. Capacity
2 Year Warranty



magnum-s575p-spreaderMagnum S575P Spreader
350 lb. Capacity
3 Year Warranty

MAGNUM-S1075P-SPREADERMagnum S1075P Spreader
750 lb. Capacity
3 Year Warranty

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