Heavy Hitch Tractor Attachments Now Available at Mutton Power Equipment


We are excited to announce the arrival of Heavy Hitch Tractor Attachments at Mutton Power Equipment and online at MuttonPower.com. Heavy Hitch is an upstart business out of Wisconsin that designs and manufactures a variety of different 3-Point hitch attachments for your compact utility tractor.

There are a variety of different compact tractor hitch attachments and accessories that are built using the highest-grade steel and manufacturing standards right here in the USA.

HH1-G-diagramThe Heavy Hitch Category 1 Receiver Hitch And Suitcase Weights Bracket For 3-Point Hitch is built to allow you to easily add suitcase weights to the rear of your tractor for ballasting when using a variety of front attachments and implements. The unique design also allows a receiver hitch to still be used to tow things when needed. Adding suitcase weights to the rear of the tractor provides a nice alternative to using a ballast box or any other type of rear weight

HH1UO-G-DiagramThe Heavy Hitch Super Duty Category 1 Receiver Hitch And Suitcase Weights Bracket For 3-Point Hitch is built like the regular Cat 1 Receiver Hitch but with a thicker gauge steel as well as an additional towing hook welded to the receiver hitch extension. The spacing on the weight brackets is different as well to accommodate for the larger John Deere and Kubota suitcase weights that are most commonly used.


HH1UD-G-diagramAnother popular Heavy Hitch tractor attachment is the Heavy Hitch Category 1 Dual Receiver Hitch And Suitcase Weights Bracket For 3-Point Hitch that is built similar to the other Heavy Hitch attachments but has a larger top bracket that extends above the 3-point hitch to allow for the different attachments to be towed with an elevated hitch.


Along with these popular Heavy Hitch attachments, there are a variety of different add-ons and accessories such as hitch extenders and carrying carts to store and move the Heavy Hitch attachments when not in us. High quality, American-made tractor attachments at a low price – all helping you get the most out of your John Deere Tractor.

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