Artillian Tractor Attachments Now Available at Mutton Power Equipment


We are always looking for the next best thing in the outdoor power equipment industry and couldn’t be more excited to announce the addition of Artillian Tractor Attachments to Mutton Power Equipment and online at

Artillian designs and manufacturers a variety of compact tractor attachments right here in the United States. What started as a John Deere Tractor owner wanting to get more out of his tractor quickly evolved from making 1-off attachments to a full-fledged American manufacturing operation. Artillian is known throughout the John Deere community for their high quality and affordable pallet forks but also produces a variety of other attachments and implements to get the most out of your compact tractor.

Artillian JDQA Cascade 42 Forks 179HThe Artillian JDQA Pallet Forks are the top choice for John Deere Sub Compact and Compact Tractor owners for their ease of use as well as affordable price point. The unique design of the Artillian pallet forks allows for patented frame to be quickly attached and removed from any John Deere Quick Attach loader – making them easier to use than any other pallet fork on the market today! With available 3″ or 4″ Wide Pallet Fork Tines of lengths from 24″, 36″ or 42″ you are sure to find the perfect pallet fork combination for your John Deere tractor.


JDQA Heavy DutyBuilding upon their successful design, the Artillian JDQA HD Heavy Duty Pallet Forks are built with a higher gauge steel to provide the perfect pallet fork option for John Deere Compact Utility Tractors as well as any other John Deere Tractor with a Quick Attach Front Loader. The Artillian JDQA HD Heavy Duty Pallet Forks are available as just a frame or a frame with 4″ Wide 42″ Long heavy duty pallet fork tines.


Adapter Bracket for JD 54Along with their legendary pallet forks, Artillian is also known for producing custom adapters to easily add and remove tractor attachments to get the most of your compact tractor. One of their new best sellers is the Artillian Adapter Bracket for John Deere 54″ Front Blade. The John Deere 54″ Front Blade is already one of the most popular tractor attachments available today, but with this unique adapter bracket you no longer have to remove your front loader to connect the blade to your tractor frame – this adapter mounts the 54″ Front Blade directly to your front loader! Not only does this make snow removal quick and easy, but it also eliminates all of the hassle of having to remove your front loader just to use a front blade.

We are constantly expanding our online store to sell the best products possible and are excited to offer Artillian products both in-store and online. Click the link below to view all of the Artillian Tractor Attachments available for sale and be sure to check back as we are adding more products daily!

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