New Toro Lawn Mowers for 2015

toro newA Guide to Toro’s New Lawn Mower Lineup

Thinking about getting a New Toro Lawn Mower?  Here is a guide to what’s new to Toro’s 2015 Lineup.

TimeCutterSWco14_2384s_TCZ_74790_sw5000_rToro TimeCutter SW/SWX

Toro’s TimeCutter SW and SWX Series both feature easy to use adjustable steering wheel control.  Now you can have the convenience and comfort of a zero turn mower, combined with the easy to control steering wheel of a typical lawn tractor.  Toro’s TimeCutter SW & SWX lines are designed similar to Cub Cadet’s Tank Z Series, but for a fraction of the price.

One of the most noticeable features new to the Toro SW and SWX models is the addition of the powerful new Toro 22hp Twin Cylinder OHV Engine.

Unlike other Zero Turn models, the new TimeCutters are equipped with Toro’s unique Smart Park Braking System.  When you need to get off the mower, Smart Park automatically turns the blade off and activates the parking brake while leaving the engine running.

timecuttermxToro TimeCutter SS/MX

Along with the new Toro 22hp Twin OHV Engine, the TimeCutter SS and MX Lines also feature new 3-position Smart Speed technology.   This allows you to easily switch between three ground speed ranges (trim, tow, and mow), giving you better speed control and maneuverability when cutting grass and pulling attachments.

Not only do the new TimeCutter SS and MX lines give you better control, but they also offer a level of operator comfort that is completely unmatched in other Zero Turn Mowers.  For maximum comfort and a smoother ride, sewn deluxe contoured seats are now standard with each TimeCutter MX.  Sit in this seat just once and you’ll never go back to another seat.

51044020371-High-Wheelco2255s_wpm_20371_34r_11_2k.jpgToro Recycler and TimeMaster Walk-Behind Mower

The newest addition to Toro’s Recycler line is the all new All-Wheel Drive Recycler model.  Along with the Personal Pace self-propel system that automatically adjusts to your walking speed, Toro now offers an AWD Recycler Walk-Behind Mower.  For extreme maneuverability and added traction in tough mowing conditions, the Recycler is now available in all-wheel drive.

Both the Toro Recycler and TimeMaster Personal Pace lines now feature a new adjustment knob that allows you to fine-tune the Self-Propelled operation.


510440TITANco2247s_ttn_zx5400_74852_right.jpgToro Titan Zero Turn Mowers

New to the Toro Titan lines, all Titans now feature a powerful, commercial grade Kohler Confidant engine.  Along with a more powerful engine upgrade, the Titan MX line has also added a 48” deck option to its heavy duty commercial zero turn mower line.




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