Introducing Wallenstein Forestry Equipment at Mutton Power Equipment


Wallenstein Tractor Attachments now Available in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Based in St. Clements, Ontario, EMB MFG has been building log splitters for over 25 years.  Over the years, Wallenstein products have made their way through Canada and into the United States.  Incredible durability and quality make Wallenstein one of the best power equipment manufacturers in North America.

Wallenstein uses only the highest quality manufacturing process, to make the highest quality products.  The end result is a heavy duty piece of power equipment that is built to handle everything you throw at it, year after year.  In order to make sure your Wallenstein equipment keeps running smoothly, Wallenstein has also partnered with the industry’s best engine manufacturers such as Honda, Subaru, Kubota and Kohler.

Along with highly durable equipment, Wallenstein also offers innovative designs and features that make splitting, chipping, excavating and skidding a breeze!  Each line of Wallenstein Tractor Attachments is designed to maximize efficiency, allowing you to get the job done in no time at all – without breaking a sweat!

Between incredibly durable power equipment, affordable prices and an innovative design, Wallenstein remains one of the top power equipment manufacturers in the world!  Each Wallenstein product offers the highest quality, versatility, and reliability.  And now, every Wallenstein product is even backed by an impressive 5 Year Warranty!  Work worry-free with Wallenstein!

Wallenstein Forestry Equipment and Tractor Attachments are now available at Mutton Power Equipment in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  We offer the lowest prices around – and we even ship nationwide!  We are now proud to offer the Top Wallenstein Product Lines such as:

Visit our online store or give us a call at (260) 432-9438 to learn more about how Wallenstein products can help you get the job done quickly and easily.  Between amazing prices, innovative engineering, and heavy duty manufacturing, it’s not hard to see why Wallenstein Tractor Attachments are some of the best in the world.

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