Introducing Wallenstein Wood Chippers


 Wallenstein Wood Chippers at Mutton Power Equipment 

Mutton Power Equipment in Fort Wayne is excited to announce that we now carry Wallenstein Wood Chippers!  That’s right – Wallenstein’s high quality, heavy duty wood chippers are now available in Northeast Indiana.  Wallenstein utilizes a quality manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality products, so what you get is a heavy duty woodchipper that is built to handle anything you throw at it – year after year.

Wood chippers are an awesome way to help you quickly and easily turn branches and limbs into mulch!  Not only does this make your yard look great, but it also saves you lots of money and time.  Imagine never having to pay for mulch again!  In this article, we’ll outline some of the features that make Wallenstein Wood Chippers number one!

wallenstein 360 exit chute Adjustable Exit Chute

First things first – all Wallenstein wood chippers feature a fully adjustable, 360 Degree Exit chute with an adjustable top deflector that allows you to control direction.  Simply point the chute where you’d like the mulch to go, and get to work!



wallenstein-self-feeding-chipper-hopperSelf-Feeding Intake Hopper

Every detail of Wallenstein’s Wood Chippers is designed to maximize efficiency and make it easy on you – starting with the self-feeding hopper.  The oversized intake hopper is angled specifically to self-feed, completely eliminating the need to limb branches before processing.



Wallenstein-1-exit-chuteChipper/Shredder Option

Wallenstein also offers a chipper/shredder option for those with lots of debris to take care of.  Shredding material such as leaves and small branches has never been easier.  Plus, the chipper and shredder both use the same exit chute to make cleanup quick and easy!

Incredible Versatility

In order to increase versatility, Wallenstein’s exceptional quality wood chippers are also available in a wide variety of mounting options.  There’s a wood chipper available for any piece of equipment you may have, including:

  • 3-Point Hitch, PTO Driven Wood Chippers
  • Skidsteer Mounted Wood Chippers
  • Tow Behind Wood Chippers

Whether you’ve got a tractor, skidsteer, ATV, or truck, Wallenstein makes it easy to mount in minutes, so you can get the job done.

5 Color Options

Not only are Wallenstein woodchippers incredibly durable and heavy duty machines, but they’re also designed to be a slick add-on to any tractor or skidsteer.  Choose between five different color options to go with your equipment.

  • Green
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Yellow

5 Year Warranty

All of Wallenstein’s Wood Chippers are protected by an impressive five year warranty.  You work hard, and we’ve got you covered.

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