Introducing the Simplicity Courier Zero Turn Mower

Welcome the Courier™ – unrivaled cutting, comfort, and utility

Simplicity has just released an exciting new riding mower.  The all new Courier™ Residential Zero Turn Mower brings new levels of utility to the yard through an integrated rear cargo bed standard on most models.  Extra carrying capability means you can achieve more with fewer trips, and spend less time and effort lugging supplies and equipment back and forth in the field.  Experience premium features in this economical new zero turn mower with the exclusive Suspension Comfort System™ and a commercially-inspired, fully-welded steel frame, along with rugged, thick-walled pivoting Hydro-Gear® EZT® or ZT-2800® transaxles to withstand the toughest operating conditions.

Powerful, dependable engine

New Courier™ models are available with either a 23 or 25 horsepower 724cc Briggs & Stratton Professional Series™ V-Twin Engine, so you have the choice of power to meet your lawn care needs.  Both options feature the READYSTART® no prime, no choke starting system allowing for easy key-starts, time after time.  Experience maximum capability with some serious headroom; the Courier™ will achieve a quality cut even in adverse mowing conditions.

Integrated cargo bed for added versatility

The Courier™ brings the premium cut quality you’ve come to expect from Simplicity, but it’s utility does not end there.  More than just a zero turn mower, the Courier™ features an integrated rear cargo bed, a brand new feature making this mower a versatile workhorse in a category of its own.  The new cargo bed designed into the frame has a 50-lb. capacity to offer added utility out in the yard.  Conveniently carry tools, plants, and more.  Complete landscaping projects easily with the ability to bring your equipment along with you.  Bring a cooler out in the field to take a refreshing break whenever you need.  Only the Courier™ makes it all possible.

Deep profile or fabricated deck

Two different deck options allow you to decide the mower construction that is best suited to the task. Either assures an excellent top-quality mow, even at high speeds.  Both offerings come with a fixed rear roller bar, which leaves behind a beautifully striped lawn for that professional appearance that turns heads. The fabricated deck offering features increased durability and longevity over the stamped deep deck and even includes a limited lifetime warranty. These rugged welded mower decks are made from 10-gauge steel with reinforced tops, side skirts, corners and a steel front edge to ensure an excellent quality of cut and a solid, lasting presence.

The Suspension Comfort System™

The signature SCS™ from Simplicity is a highlight on the new Courier™ Zero Turn Mower.  Suspension options include either front springs or a front and rear spring combination, allowing the operator to enjoy a ride up to 25% smoother.  The SCS™ design results in enhanced comfort and an easier ride versus a non-suspension zero turn mower. Plus, users experience less fatigue with a deluxe ergonomic mesh seat that keeps the operator cool and comfortable.

Additional features

The foot-assisted cut height design allows for easy adjustment between 13 possible positions ranging from 1.5 to 4.5 inches, giving users ultimate control over their lawns finish. An integrated parking brake offers increased convenience and safety on the job, while available accessories enhance the mowing experience, including a twin bag catcher for controlling clippings and headlights to allow operation during low visibility jobs.  Shop Simplicity below and see what the Courier™ can do for you.

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