2032R & 2038R Attachments

john deere 2r tractor accessories

The versatile new 2017 2R series John Deere tractors pair with dozens of implements to take on every property task.  New attachments have been designed specifically for the new models, including the powerful 270B Quick-Tach Backhoe and 220R Quik-Park™ Loader.  Read on…

The new John Deere Quick-tach 270B Backhoe can now be installed without removing the entire 3-pt hitch like you have to with other models.  Simply remove the top link and store it, then attach the backhoe.

The 270B comes with its own high-backrest seat instead of using the swivel seat.  This insures proper spacing and alignment with the backhoe hydraulic controls.  Improved hydraulic valve metering makes a difference in how the controls feel, and a new cushioned cylinder keeps the boom from banging against the stop when raising it up.

Another feature you won’t find on other models is the new 220R front end loader.  It has been built to handle heavy loads and repetitive use, offering a heavy duty bucket with integrated loops to secure material.  Featuring a higher roll back angle of 35 degrees, the new design provides a larger max height lift capacity of 1,120 lbs, and a higher max lift height of 85”.  The curved boom provides better visibility, and a larger knee joint for added durability.

As an added bonus, when it’s time to take the loader off, its self park feature makes the on/off process simple and speedy.  An integrated parking stand drops down to prop up the loader, making it easy to simply detach and go.

Want even more loader convenience?  Now you can add an optional SINGLE POINT HYDRAULIC CONNECTION which allows you to connect and disconnect all four hydraulic lines with one lever.  This simple, unifying design creates no confusion and no mess, and you can do it all from your seat.

2r single point hydraulic connection

Dual rear outlets allow for independent control of two separate remote functions. A continuous flow feature allows for implements with hydraulic motors, like a rotary hydraulic broom, or for implements that have their own built in control valve. A new large boarding step and ROPS mounted grab handle make it easier to climb into the operator’s station.

Available 2.4 inch WHEEL SPACERS on each side of the axle further widen the rear tire spacing to 59.9 inches.  This optional extra wide wheelbase on the 2R provides a level of confidence and control that is unmatched in any other compact tractor.  You can forget the days of feeling uncomfortable when mowing on side hills, slopes and ditches with nearly 5 inches of extended length between the rear wheels.

John Deere 2R wheel spacers

Also available are a wide variety of lighting options to meet different operators’ needs.  The premium lighting package option on the new 2R provides unrivaled clarity.  With this LED light array, you just might want to adjust your work hours to entirely after dark.

The Premium Light Kit Includes

  • Two powerful LED fender lights
  • Two LED ROPS work lights (with 360 degree adjustability for forward or rear lighting)
  • One LED rear PTO light
  • Auxiliary Rear Work Light
  • Forward Halogen Work Light Kit
  • Forward LED Work Light Kit

Note: Lights mounted to the ROPS require a warning light brush guard kit.  Optional work light brush guards can ordered to protect lights from debris.

john deere 2r premium light kit

Visit your local Mutton Power Equipment in Fort Wayne, Indiana for these great John Deere accessories and more.  Visit our John Deere Implements store for a full list of implements!

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