New Features on the 2013 Simplicity Lawn Tractors

The new 2013 Simplicity Lawn Tractors have great new features that include a mesh seat, digital dash display with push button start, and Simplicity’s patent-pending exclusive suspension system.

Simplicity’s Broadmoor, Conquest, and Prestige all come with these new great features for the 2013 mowing season. Available at Mutton Power Equipment.

Mesh Seat
-Available on the new Broadmoor, Conquest, Prestige
-Allows air flow for a cooler ride
-Reduces vibration to the operator
-More comfortable experience

Intuitive Digital Dash
-Available on the new Conquest and Prestige
-Best Height of cut range indicator
-Maintenance reminder
-Hour Meter
-Fuel Gauge

Simplicity Exclusive suspension system
-Available on the new Broadmoor, Conquest, Prestige
-Free Floating mower and tractor now run independent to allow a perfect cut and a smooth ride
-Absorbs vibration and shocks from uneven terrain
-New design does not compromise comfort

Push Button Start
-Available on the new Broadmoor, Conquest, Prestige
-Quick & Easy start

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