Toro TITAN HD Zero Turn Mower Overview

Attention: Homeowners who want a commercial-quality mower for personal use, look no further than the NEW Toro TITAN HD. For those desiring the highest level of cut quality, reduced maintenance, and lowest Total Cost of Ownership in a value package, the NEW TITAN HD Series is for you. Read on…

2016 Exmark Model Numbers

Use this helpful guide from Mutton Power Equipment to break down your Exmark model number. See the exact specifications of your Exmark, complete with code references here.

Mulching VS Bagging Leaves

It’s great to have big shade trees in your yard. But, come fall, you can start to resent them. Those big trees drop leaves, and that means extra work, hassle, and lost time. However, there’s good news. A recent study done at Michigan State University shows that you can forget about raking, blowing, and bagging leaves. Instead, just mulch them with your lawn mower and feed your lawn with a nitrogen rich lawn fertilizer. It’ll save you work, improve your soil, and add nutrients. Here’s how you do it.

STIHL BR700 Backpack Blower Review

We’ve seen speculation as early as 2012 that STIHL would introduce a new flagship back pack blower to the world. Now, the BR700 is making the push to challenge the REDMAX 8500 in the raw power department. Is there a new crown? We got our hands on one early to find out.

Spring Mowing Tips – How To Mow Wet Grass

Mowing grass during or after rain is not ideal for any homeowner or lawn care professional. But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. When mother nature doesn’t give you a choice, be sure to check out the following helpful advice for mowing wet grass.