Get ahead of the game this fall by preparing before anyone else for the coming snowy season. That’s right, winter is right around the corner and we’ll have snow before you know it! So see what we can do to get you off on the right foot! With the recent cool down in our weather, we can look forward to what to expect this winter and winter gear! Accuweather is calling for an early frost in the Midwest. We can look to break out the snow blowers then! That’s right, it’s never too early to get prepared. Mutton Power Equipment is ready for the coming snowy season and wants to help you be prepared too! We have Toro, Honda, and Ariens Snow Blowers, Single and Two Stage Snow Blowers, and even Track snow blowers for those impossible terrains.

Toro Snow Blowers Toro has an impressive line up of single-stage and two-stage snow blowers for residential and commercial use.

Power Clear
Power Max
  • Built for light use, light snows, and smooth grounds
  • Throws snow up to 35 ft.
  • Uses Paddles and Scrapper Bars
  • Built for the heavy snows, rough ground, and long use
  • Throws snow up to 45 ft.
  • Uses serrated Auger system

Honda Snow Blowers At Mutton Power Equipment, we carry a small variety of Honda snow blowers.

Single Stage
  • Semi-Self Propelled Auger Drive
  • Heavy Duty Rubber Paddles
  • Throws snow up to 26 ft.
  • 20″ Clearing width

Ariens Snow Blowers Ranging from simple single stage snow blowers to the heavy duty two stage snow blowers, Ariens snow blowers have the widest range of available snow blowers offered through Mutton Power Equipment.

  • Handles up to 12″ of snow
  • Typical residential use
  • Handles thickest of snows
  • Typical residential use
  • Power Steering
  • Handles thick, deep snows
  • Heavy residential use
  • Power Steering
  • Traction control

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