It’s officially Fall here in Fort Wayne and while it might bring some beautiful sights around the city, it also marks the return of the dreaded leaf season. There’s no denying the beauty of autumn leaves while they are in the trees, but we all know how much of a hassle they can be when trying to collect and dispose of. For most residents of Fort Wayne, the city provides leaf collection as a free service. Although the service is free, there are only 2 weeks to get your leaves to the curb for pick-up and disposal. Having your leaves collected and on the curb in time for the removal helps to clean up the neighborhoods quickly and easily.

The City of Fort Wayne has released a map and schedule for the leaf collection in various areas of the city – you can view that map HERE. Below is the schedule of collection weeks for various areas of the city.

NORTHWeek of October 28th and Week of November 18th
CENTRALWeek of November 4th and Week of December 2nd
SOUTHWeek of October 21st and Week of November 11th

Remember to have your leaves collected in the park strip or on the curb in biodegradable bags – but not in the streets.

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