Winter will be hitting Indiana soon! Do you know how to take care of your lawn during winter? Here are some helpful tips on how to make sure your grass is in great condition in the spring!

Step 1: Mowing

During the last few days of mowing season, try to gradually cut the grass shorter and shorter each time. If cut it short all at once, it will not all it to settle well during winter.

If the grass stays long during the winter, it can allow field mice to stay in grass and build a nest. When mice build nests, it can cause damage to your yard. Keeping the grass short will prevent that and protect any new growth.

Step 2: Fertilize

The best time to fertilize your lawn is in the late fall before winter hits. Before the first freeze shows up, thoroughly fertilize your lawn to replace the nutrients which was absorbed during Summer.

Once the weather gets colder, the fertilizer will be in the soil and will feed the roots of the grass all winter. When spring finally comes, your lawn will be a beautiful green.

Step 3: Clean Up

Picking up sticks, leaves and other items in your yard will help prevent large dead or brown spots in your lawn.

Step 4: Aeration

Aeration is a great idea to do before Winter! This can be done with a machine aerator or even a garden fork. All you need is to make holes throughout the surface of the yard.

Step 5: Avoid Traffic in Grass

A great tip to keeping your lawn healthy during the winter is to not allow foot traffic on the grass. If a path becomes established, your grass will have a difficult time with recovering in the Spring.

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