john deere 2r compact tractors

What would the perfect compact tractor look like?  John Deere’s engineers asked this question to dozens of consumers all across our Great Nation.  Then they went to work.  The result?  Introducing the all new John Deere 2R Series Compact Tractors, in 32 HP and 38 HP.  These new machines are built with a focus on capabilities and performance.

Extra Solid Frame

The new 2R has been built on a bigger, more solid chassis.  Weighing in at a standard 2,436 lbs provides the user with greater stability for working in difficult terrain.  The larger size means that the new 2R Series Compact Tractors can now use the LARGER 3R SERIES IMPLEMENTS.  These machines can handle up to THREE IMPLEMENTS SIMULTANEOUSLY, and the frame features a FULL CATEGORY 1N, 3-POINT HITCH, instead of the quick hitch on previous models.

Smoother Operation

The 2R features intuitive TwinTouch foot controls, making it easier than ever to change speed and direction with any size footwear.  STANDARD ELECTRONIC CRUISE CONTROL makes mowing large fields a breeze.  A THICKER RUBBERIZED FLOOR MAT in the operator’s station shields you from shock and noise for a truly comfortable experience.  ERGONOMIC OPERATOR CONTROLS are now located on the right hand side, and clearly labeled for easy identification and increased visibility.  A LOWERED OPERATOR STATION in between the fenders helps you feel more stable when working on slopes.

Lighting the Way

New STANDARD FENDER WORK LIGHTS fixed with LED bulbs give you more flexibility than ever to get work done whenever the time suits you.  High powered illumination gives the user a clear way forward and a distinct advantage over competitors.  A premium lighting package is also available on the new 2R for unrivaled illumination of your field of view.

Drive Over Deck with Command Cut

John Deere’s exclusive AUTO CONNECT DRIVE-OVER DECK TECHNOLOGY, also featured on the 1 Family and 3R Series Compact Tractors, allows you to connect the mower deck in under a minute without having to leave your seat.  The new 2R Series is equipped with industry exclusive COMMANDCUT TECHNOLOGY, featuring an electronic actuator beneath the tractor to adjust deck positioning to an exact cut height, time after time.  An LCD SCREEN displays your height setting.


Changing the engine oil is easier than ever.  Now you can check the dipstick effortlessly, with no panels to remove, and no hood to pop.  Plus 2R Series transmission hydraulic oil only needs to be changed every 1200 hours.  When you do need to access under the hood, FOUR NEW QUARTER-TURN FASTENERS allow quick, under-a-minute access to the engine compartment.

Fuel & Go

The fuel tank, re-positioned on the left rear fender, now allows for easier filling from ground level, reducing the risk of spills on the hood or into the engine compartment.  The 2R’s new 8.6 gallon tank offers a 20% INCREASE in capacity over previous models, so you get more done in less time.


2R Series Compact Tractors are covered by an unprecedented SIX YEAR / 2000 HOUR POWERTRAIN WARRANTY.  Push your new machine to its limits with peace of mind knowing you are backed by John Deere’s best-in-class warranty.

What Are You Waiting For?

Now that you’ve seen the advantages that make the 2R Series a cut above, VISIT MUTTON POWER EQUIPMENT in Fort Wayne Indiana for a test drive.  Experience all the reasons why the new 2R just might be the perfect match for your property or for your operation.

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