This fall don’t be stuck with massive amounts of leaves littering your lawn and driveway! Clean it up fast and efficient with John Deere Leaf Blowers. Also, clear pathways and more with a John Deere Brush Cutter.

Leaf Blowers

Composite and high capacity, the John Deere leaf blowers deliver a powerful amount of wind to blow the leaves and clear your lawn. These wheeled blowers measure in at just under 200mph with their directional air controlled blower. The feature finger tip controls that allow you to stay focused and not put your hands by the blower output.
The John Deere Leaf Blowers come in two models: B635 and B940. With a 3.5 in. discharge nozzel, the B635 Leaf Blower is the smaller model, but packs a punch with it’s EX17 Subaru engine! The B940 Leaf Blower comes in with a 4 in. discharge nozzel. Made to take on the heaviest of leaves, the B940 has the EX27 Subaru engine, measuring in at 13.5 lb-ft gross torque!
For more information on these great fall clean-up items, contact our expert John Deere salesmen at 260-432-9438 today!

Brush Cutter

Have the ability to cut down thick brush and tree saplings with ease and speed that only John Deere could deliver! Mutton Power Equipment brings you the best John Deere brush cutter, the BC1324E. This brush cutter cleans up with an electric start Briggs and Stratton engine, and delivers an impressive 20 ft./lb. of torque. The John Deere BC1324E measures in with a 24″ cutting blade so you can get to clearing faster! This, and many other great John Deere products, are available through Mutton Power Equipment! Just call one of our friendly John Deere salesmen at 260-432-9438 today!

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