Whether you have an old or new zero turn mower Trac-Vac has the universal bagger system to fit your model. The Trac-Vac brand offers lawn vacuum systems of many sizes to best suit you needs and mower.

Trac-Vac manufactures three distinct styles of leaf vacuum systems to fit your size zero turn mower and meet you capacity requirements.

8 Bushel Capacity Leaf and Debris Vacuums

The smallest leaf vacuums designed for zero turn mowers is utilizing a 44 gallon Rubbermaid tub with spring loaded hopper assembly. The Rubbermaid tubs can be lined with a sack for easy roadside pick-up of leaves, or it can be removed from carrying hitch for dumping onto a trailer.

There are two hitch options for the single tub vacuum units to fit varying zero turn mower sizes. For large commercial grade zero turn mowers there is fully mounted tub and engine powered turbine assembly.

The Trac-Vac 462-Z mounting style keeps everything off the ground for less interference with low lying obstacles. The second mounting option on the 452-D puts the tub and turbine assembly on pivoting caster wheels. This style reduces the amount of weight applied to the rear of the mower for better balance on lighter zero turn mowers.

16 Bushel Capacity Leaf and Debris Vacuum

Trac-Vac is also offering a dual 44 gallon Rubbermaid tub model to twice the capacity of the single tub models. The Trac-Vac 655 is using the caster wheeled mount assembly to lessen the counter weight of this large capacity leaf vacuum system.

The twin tub unit is designed to be used with larger commercial grade zero turn units. The weight capacity of this Trac-Vac unit is simply too large for a residential or medium grade zero turn. Typically zero turns with hydraulic pumps to wheel motors are best suited to maneuver a unit of this size.

44 Bushel Capacity Leaf and Debris Vacuum

The largest capacity Trac-Vac leaf vacuum is using a large 18 cubic foot all metal construction cart. This tow behind cart is designed to be used by commercial landscapers or large property owners who need a high quality, durable vac system. The vacuum also has all metal top with tapered rear end to improve air flow and capacity.

The trailer system starts with an engine powered turbine mounted directly to the rear of the zero turn mower. The large cart is then attached to the mount system allowing for enough room for tighter turns. This Trac-Vac 1060 unit is best suited for large areas where zero radius turning is not a necessity.

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