Summer is the prime time to water the lawn. But did you know you shouldn’t stop watering your lawn once Fall comes around? Keep reading to learn why you shouldn’t stop watering your lawn once Fall is here and when to stop watering the lawn.

When is the right time to stop watering the lawn?

Ideally, you shouldn’t stop watering your lawn just because Summer is over. You should stop watering your lawn once the ground freezes. It would be pointless to continue to water your lawn once the ground is frozen. The frozen ground would act as a barrier and would block the water’s path to the root of the grass.

The Importance of Watering Lawns in the Fall

We understand that it’s a hassle sometimes to water the lawn. But just because the weather is getting cooler, don’t let that make you stop watering your lawn!

Do not deprive your lawn of irrigation during the Fall. An adequate water supply for grass roots is essential for proper nutrient uptake during these growth periods.

Grass does keep growing during Fall, but it is only occurring only underground in the root system, it can not be seen by the naked eye. This growth activity takes place in the stolons of the grass. The activity going on in the stolon level is very important to the long-term health of your grass. Also this is helping it to be ready for summer time.

Keeping a Balance

Now that we learned that watering is very important before the ground freezes. Another important to note is to make sure not to over water the lawn. Same as it would be in the summer, over watering grass is harmful to your lawn.

Make sure you are watering the lawn at the same time as you would in the summer. Early morning is the best time to water the lawn, so it has all day to absorb the water. Never water the lawn at night, it could cause fungal disease to grow in your lawn.

With these tips, your lawn should be nice and healthy when Summertime comes around again!

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